The London Theatre has been selected by the Theatre Trust as a venue for enegy efficancy monitoring and our energy usage is monitored and a number of changes have been implented which makes us one of the most energy efficant theatres in the UK.

Did you know that our entire lighting rig with all our seven PAR 64 LED stage lights on at 100% produce only 12watts total.     One single standard old PAR conventional theatre light produces 53 watts so if we had 5 conventional stage lights on our rig the usage would be 265 watts.

Also our lights give out no heat loss and require no coloured gels as they are tri-colour. 

Energy saving over conventional theatre lighting is a 247 watts saving.

Our total power and heating bill is less then the avarage 1 bed flat per month, in fact it is 57% of the avarage 1 bed flat each month.

All lighting throughout is energy lighting from Germany with room monitors which turn off the lights after 5  mins of inactivity and switch on when sensors pick up movement.

All walls and the ceiling in the theatre space is insulated and our entire venue is windowless so no heat escapes.

We have reduced our paper usage by 50% with a paperless ticket system and our postage is down to a minimum. 

Our bar stocked is sourced by a local brewer and we have locally produced beers and 70% of our empty bottles are returned to the supplier for recycling with the remaining 30% sent to the bottle bank near our venue each day.

All publicity material is printed on recycled paper.

During a normal working day in the venue there is no power being used in 60% of the building and even when all areas are in use this goes up to 80% for much of the day.

Our beer chillers are timed to go off each night and require only 1/2 and hour to get our drinks stock to the correct temp.  In fact our power usage monitors usually register  0 watts when the venue is closed.   Even our alarm system uses stored power in long life batteries which need only a trickle charge as does our illuninated fire exit signs.

Our venues financial footprint on the local economy

We have done a report to highlight income generated to local business and individuals directly from our venue being open over a period of 7 days in March 2012. 

We define a local business as being within 2 miles of our venue

We generated £2908 worth of business to local people/ firms in the 7 day reporting period 

87% of income came from persons / companies more then 2 miles from the venue which is excellent as it brings people to the area.

91% of all visitors came by public transport or walked to the venue (this includes persons more then 2 miles away and also local). Biggest mode of transport to venue was:
Train                    64%
Bus                      16%
Walk / Cycle          8%
Taxi                     3% 
Delivery van          2%
Private car            7%

To give a more rounded report we also generated income for business outside the 2 miles of the venue or large multi nationals such as Supermarkets and total spend here was £396 for the week which was:
Flyer Printing £79 (Germany) Cheapest local printer was £109
Asda £64.00 (Multi National outside area)
Makro £184 (Multi National outside area)
EBAY £69.

List of local business used by our staff and customers in the 7 day report period and income to those businesses 
Meantime Brewery Greenwich (1mile)
Beer order (brewed in Greenwich and delivered by LPG vans)                                 £433.00
Rayna Turkish Restaurant, New Cross Road (400 yards)
42 audience members over the week ate there @ £12 each spend                         £502.00 
The Royal Albert Pub New Cross Road (200 yards)
14 students from comedy course @ av £3 per drink (£42)
19 known audience members went after a show @ av £3 per drink (£57)
Theatre staff visits (ordered food and drink) Total bill £29.60                                  £128.00
Dice Pizza New Cross Road (400 yards)
6 x pizza’s collected for rehearsal lunch for actors                                                   £24.00
London Particular Cafe New Cross Road (400 yards)
visit by staff member (£12)
Visiting film crew had lunch there (£43)                                                                £55.00

Deptford Market (600 yards)
Toilet rolls for theatre £30
Cleaning products for theatre £8                                                                          £38.00
Fish & Chip shop New Cross Road (400 yards)
Two visits by staff members                                                                                 £12.00
Cafe Blanca Deptford High Street (600 yards)
Two visits by 12 comedy students for lunch                                                           £120.00
Local mini market New Cross Road (200 yards)
Milk and papers                                                                                                  £9.00
AG Sound & Lights (Greenwich) 1 .4 miles
HD Projector                                                                                                     £460.00
Staff Wages (staff only who live less then 2 miles away)
Sound tech @ £30 per night = £180.00 (paid by visiting theatre company)
Leaflet distributor @ £7.50 ph = £45.00 (CONTRACTOR)
Actor (£164.30) Paid by visiting theatre company for 3 night run (lives New Cross)      £383.00
Greenwich Visitor (newspaper in Greenwich) 1 mile away
Paid advert                                                                                                        £72.00
Up The Creek Comedy Club (Greenwich) 1 Mile away
Our monthly showcase held there (rough income from hire and drink sales)               
Our preferred local minicab company 
1 mile away
9 x pickups at av £8 fare                                                                                     £72.00