Our range of teas, are sourced from a Bond Street tea supplier and are far superior to most mainstream brands, the range includes caffeine-free tea, fruit and herbal tea plus of course our most popular black Earl Gray. All priced at £1.50 for a large 12oz cup. Our Ground Coffee is always fresh and ready and at only £2.00 for a large, great value also.

OUR BEERS (our Meantime range is from our local Greenwich Brewer - 2 miles away)

Our barman Richard is also sourced locally and is organic and knows the Meantime range as he has worked for them for over 10 years.   He also is a Vitner so selected our wines.


Sipping a Chocolate Beer is like drinking chocolate mousse, but a mousse made with rich, bitter chocolate. The ultimate chocoholic beer gives a warm, comforting feeling with a silky mouthfeel, for those moments when only chocolate will do


It is one of the most difficult and temperamental beers to brew, with the pronounced toffee and banana notes all coming from its special yeast; not from added spices as in Belgian wheat beers

A cloudy, golden-orange beer with a moderately dense white head displaying a mixed combination of banana, fruit, bubblegum, spice and zesty aromas and flavours, all created, in true Bavarian wheat beer style, by the use of a unique yeast strain that brings out the true character of the wheat malt used in the brew.

Care and attention to detail make this beer a cut above. The haze comes from it being unfiltered and still having plenty of yeast in suspension, as is traditional, and is not from protein like in some mass produced 'wheat beers'; whilst the combination of wheat, barley and yeast give it a spicy aroma and refreshing taste we're proud of. 

HELLES  (on draft)

Helles is the German word for 'light', as in light colour, and this golden hued beer is typified by a refreshing, piney, citrus hop aroma, sitting atop a predominantly light malt accented palate.


A gentle maltiness on the nose deceives as a massive hop flavour envelopes the tongue. Lots of Perle and Halletauer hops give the correct levels of bitterness, making this delicately hued pilsner true to the German style


The Annual New Cross CAMRA Bottled Beer Festival is held at our theatre and from the 35 Ales and ciders on offer, we choose a selection of Premium ales for our bar.  These change every few weeks as we select from all the 35 beers from our Festival over the year.

Presently we have in stock :  Worthingtons White Shield

Along with a selection of Bitters and Porters


Left to our artistic director who is teatotal, you would be served Blue Nun as the house wine. Lucky for us he has no control of the bar area. 

Our House white is Sauvignon Blanc and our house red is Merlot Reserve,  prices are from £3 per glass and bottles are £12.00


All our branded spirits are only £3 25ml

Our Vodka?  Lara our Managing director is from Moscow so assume we have quality vodka!

We also have single malt whisky at £3  25ml from  the Scottish Island of Jura which is sourced direct from a distillary and once a year, a number of cases are flown from there to us by Harry our teetotal artistic director, (see he has a use)  who away from theatre and comedy was a commercial airline pilot and who also owns a small plane.   The trip was captured a few years ago for a Channel 4 documentry and he still does the same route once  year called the Black Bottle Challenge, where pilots from all over the UK fly into this remote Scottish Island.

 We must have the coolest company delivery van!