Harry joined the police at 18 and was medically discharged as he suffered from severe vertigo.   The police did pay for him to undergo treatment and they offered him his job back if he took a high wire assault course and proved in other ways he was cured.  Part of the treatment was to do something that exposed him to the fear, so he took a plane ride in an open top bi plane which he loved.  

He forgot about returning to the police and took up flying lessons and then got sponsorship to train as a commercial airline pilot.     He spent a number of years flying passenger prop planes such as the Shorts 360 before moving up to jets and the Boeing 737.      He has crash landed twice, once nearly killing a member of the Royal Family at RAF Northolt,  He had some highlights in flying such as being able to land at the Space Shuttle runway at Kennedy Space Centre and has flown  loads of types of planes from Russian fighter Migs to Antov AN2's.  

For the last 20 years he has been a headline stand up comic at places like 'Jongleurs' playing a 'Saff London Geezer.' 15 years ago he started drama school after doing a short course at City Lit .   He also wrote a play which was on at Barons Court Theatre and has since written 9 professional plays, all with commercial success and the biggest being the aviation comedy 'Club Class' which has now been seen at over 180 UK theatres in the last ten years from The Derby Playhouse, The Lowry in Manchester and the Yvonne Anauld in Guildford.  It is still going strong, now with its 11th cast!  Sara Pascoe who is the rising female comic from 'Stand up for the week' spent 5 months touring in it after leaving drama school as part of cast number 3,  a few years ago.   Harry went on to direct professional plays at over 60 UK theatres from The Shakespeare's Rose to large scale regional theatres and in 2009 was asked to direct a major UK number 1 theatre tour of a 'Shakespeare' play using actors and circuit comics.  He  is also is the head tutor at 'The London Comedy Course' which teaches over 500 comedy students a year, stand up comedy .   He has directed numerous productions at The London Theatre.

Away from here, he was a member of the Selkent Model Railway Club, although he has no interest in trains, but loves model buildings and many of the buildings and and in some cases small villages he creates from scratch are sought after and often adorn model railway mags, although they are really works of art as he creates real scenes such as a wet morning in a coal mining town in Yorkshire and a Brits in Spain beach scene which is the latest model he is building. 

Here is  model he made showing a Russian Village in winter 


Harry has tried to get 3D model making accepted as an art form, but with little success. Art colleges and galleries say model making isn't art.   Each scene takes a few weeks to a few months to build and is used as a real snapshot of life.   He tries to capture the real world, not the twee world and every model is build with a story in mind.   Often you can see one of these models on display for a few weeks at the theatre.  The three houses above are made out of matchsticks, the dome on the church below is a Terry's Chocolate Orange which he has made a rubber mold from and filled with plaster.   Amsterdam is card and Balsa and Norway is packing foam.




Richard spent 7 years working for Meantime Brewery so knows about proper beer and also has exams and experience in wine and is a real foodie. He has another passion which is conservation and wildlife and is learning Spanish.  Richard spends much of his spare time working with and documenting wildlife. He volunteers at The Greenwich Ecology Park and is a very active member of the RSPB. He also works as the show manager when productions leave the theatre on national tour and has show managed at over 20 theatres in the UK.  He went to Roan School in Blackheath and was in the same year and class from the age of 11, as Harry, the Artistic Director, although Harry doesn't remember him (There was over 25 in that class for those 6 years, so he can't expect to remember everyone).

Here are some of Richard's latest wildlife piccys


Abba is a Wolfdoodle and as you see she has grown up to be a big girl 41kg   Apart from stage door she will also be responsible for getting lots of attention.  She has been in two stage productions including one of the two dogs in 'The Cherry Orchard' and done some modelling.  In the bottom piccy she is with Harvey, the TV 'la popoo la la' advert doggy actor