Why not become a Premium Theatre Club member for only £8 per year

Get to buy two tickets at £5 each or less for a number of our productions

Yearly Premium theatre club party

£2 off a bottle of wine from our bar

50p off our 'Gienni' Ice cream tub range sold at our bar

50p off bottled water, fresh orange juice, pepsi and our tea selection .

20p off a pint of our famous draft Meantime  beer

£25 off the price of a Stand Up Comedy workshop run by the 'London Comedy Course' for their 3 hour taster session held at our theatre. Normal price £45. You pay £20

For any performers, prior notices of all our up coming castings and casting breakdowns

Our Sparking Brut £10 per bottle instead of £15

Special members free short courses learning about our latest LED computerised lighting and then design some scenes yourself, Script writing skills and play readings.

Sign up today - we will then email you for your postal address to send your membership card.  You will be given a code in the meantime which will enable you to use all the benefits at the bar.  From registration, the first payment is taken from your account 6 days later and after  7 days from payment taken your card can be used to book tickets.  Membership will actually start on the 15th day after applying.   

payment is made by Direct debit which you can cancel at anytime before your next yearly payment becomes due.   The payment is £8 per year.


Tickets can not be bought for 15 days after applying for the card. This is due to a number of persons applying for a one off show to get reduced tickets and then cancel their membership once tickets purchased.  The scheme is aimed at regular theatre goers to our venue.


Please make sure you type in the correct email address or we will not be able to send your membership card

Terms & Conditions

1.  A maximum of two tickets at the discount rate per run of a production.   Tickets must be bought via the phone or in person.  A 50p booking fee per person still applies if booked via debit/credit card. The cardholder must be one of the two attending the performance.  Membership starts 7 days after joining for tickets and on sign up date for bar discounts.  Membership can not be made via cash payments but by direct debit

2.  Discounts at the bar can only be made via the cardholder and only if the card is shown with each transaction and for the card holders drinks only.

3.  Replacement cards will at charged at £8

4. Members must be 18 years and over

5. Certain productions may state the actual dates the discount tickets can be bought for

6. Membership is by Direct debit which you can cancel after the first payment.