ABBA - the massive ubar friendly Wolfdoodle

She is either in the sound box, box office, in the garden or on the roof terrace of the theatre.  We know some people may be scared of dogs so she only comes out to say hello if you request to see her and she is not already gone home for the night.    Her standard trick is to come up and immediately go on back and demand tummy tickles - be warned once you start, you won't stop!

Abba is a Wolfdoodle and as you see she has grown up to be a big girl 42kg .  Apart from stage door she will also be responsible for getting lots of attention.  She has been in three stage productions including one of the two dogs in 'The Cherry Orchard' and done some modelling.  In the bottom piccy she is with Harvey, the TV 'la popoo la la' advert doggy actor