Our artistic director Harry Denford joined us after a number of years directing at regional theatres and has over 15 years experience in large scale theatre tours including directing a short season at London's Rose Theatre. He is also the artistic director for 'Shakespeare in The Park' which is a major large scale outside touring company, and co founder of his own theatre company which has had professional productions produced at over 180 UK theatres in the last 7 years. He spent many years as a stand up comic headlining at major comedy clubs around the UK such as 'Jongleurs' and is the head of 'The London Comedy Course' which trains about 300 stand up comics per year.

Our artistic policy includes selecting a number of well known or classical plays which always seem to sell well with our local audiences and also gives actors a chance at some great meaty roles.   

Harry has amazing creative flair with the unusual (for a creative) grounding and level headiness to make commercial decisions in producing plays which make money. He started off putting on plays in London Fringe theatres and quickly progressed to major regionals.  He quickly realised that often theatre companies make little money in fringe theatre and hence why he made the decision to have the venue hired from £495 per week, so that we can then pick the best from all those who apply.  

We love established yet rarely performed plays such as Ibson, Checkov and more modern works such as Godber, Pinter etc.   We are great fans of the Brechtian style and our space lends itself well for this performance type.  

We also have a great interest in new writing and again look at productions which may be suitable to transfer to regionals with our help. Harry has worked with plays at over 140 regional venues in the UK so knows this market well.  

We receive no grants or public funds, so always look at the commercial aspect of the plays we produce which means us getting the best audiences for you.

Our regular audiences are mostly come from Greenwich, Blackheath, Brockley, Lewisham, Peckham and Camberwell, with a good local New Cross Goldsmith Student following and the Telegraph Hill Area  and discovered that we also take many audience members from East London as we are 200 yards from the new Overground (Known as the ART LINE).  Because of our name, often tourist assume we are a major West End Theatre, When they attend and once over the shock that New Cross isn't near the Strand, they always come away happy and experienced London Fringe theatre at its best.

We also try and do at least 3 plays per year, not in English and this attracts a wider audience of both native speakers and those interested in the culture of that country.  So far we have programmed Russian, French, Italian and German productions and next is Polish.