If you've performed in fringe theatres before, you may be used to lights with a simple slider and putting gels on the front of them and a basic rig.  We have invested in the latest LED stage lighting which is computerised and each light can produce a wide spectrum of colours and fades and is fully automated.   We have a manual overide which is ok for limited light changes but this really limits your scope to fully get the best out of our system.  Most lighting techs will understand and be able to operate our system and download the software so that all the lighting design can be done away from our venue.   Our system also means that the lights don't get hot, so no sweaty actors and also they have no fade buzz.  

Please note - We  include 2 hours of light programming with your hire fee so that anyone can just run the system during the show with a simple button press.  We will not teach you to programme our main system so please only use techs who understand the latest LED computer systems or use one of our trained techs for your production.  If the above image scares you, which is a snapshot of our lighting computer system.  Hire one of our trained techs.   

Your purpose built changing room with own WC  plus we have a second dressing area

Set up for a play with full cast and set x 37 seats (we can increase this to 50 for one person stand up comedy shows) & projection screen removed if required (remote controlled). Entrance from bar area or dressing rooms for performers.   Rear seats are raised and all seating is raked.  There is a  second dressing area with mirrors and seating if required.


Tech spec

6 x LED64 4 colour Parcan, 1 x DMX controller Chauvet Obey 40, twin Tec 2410 CD and Ipod connector, 2 x SM56 mics, 1 x boom and 1 x shaft mic stand, 1 x radio mic, 2 x 150w worker, 1 x 150 watt comedy stage light, laser LED light show, police light, mirror ball.  72 inch projector (remote controlled) projector for DVD and computer input. 1 x stage amp, 2 x speakers. 1 x elect keyboard. 2 x amps 1 x sound mixer. 1 x  4 channel dmx dimmer pack. Sound proof tech box with stage intercom. We also use a well known LED computer light program from www.chamsys.co.uk/download  which you can download for free to match our computerised system and either bring it in on own laptop or use our computer where you can pre-programme and store your settings on our computer.   We can forward the PDF instructions on request to your tech.

20  min loading bay during daytime outside with extra large loading doors to front of theatre.   Full unrestricted loading eves and all day Sunday. 

We can supply you with a lighting tech/designer who charges £15 per hour so an average play will be £30 per night.   The lighting rig is computer programmable and all this can be done for you via our tech.   To hire him contact Craig on 07983 424238

Our Back up manual overide system is pictured below along with the screen computerised system

Our sound box is also sound proofed, so you can talk at normal levels in the booth and the audience and actors won't be disturbed. 

The Theatre is also fully air conditioned